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Oral Device impact on Labor

Oral Device impact on Labor

Since the early '80s, clinical studies have been conducted to examine the connection between the use of Dental Support Devices (DSDs) and muscle strength.

The studies have shown that using a DSD during exercise can increase the isometric strength of various muscles, especially in the abdominal area, and core stability. As a result, these accessories are widely used today during training sessions and professional athletic competitions.

A fascinating study conducted in 2009 by the University of Maryland, USA, stated that DSDs can be used not only in sports science but also during childbirth. The study found that the use of DSDs can shorten the second stage of labor, when the mother to be needs to activate her abdominal muscles to help push the newborn through the birth canal.

Medivie conducted a survey in the UK in 2011, in collaboration with medical centers, in which hundreds of Laboraide prototypes were given to women undergoing childbirth, in order to study the effectiveness of the product.

The analysis of the survey revealed that the majority of women who used the device felt that it helped them during labor and that they would recommend the product to their friends. The majority also expressed their desire and willingness to use it again in their next childbirth.


"At 6am they received us at the hospital where my contractions already started to hurt, so I bit down on the Laboraide in my mouth with every contraction and felt immediate relieve. When the pain got worse I changed the Laboraide to the next level and I concentrated the tension and pain in the mouth area…” Rachel Shem-Tov, London, 22/1/2013