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Oral Devices

Oral Devices

Over the past thirty years, extensive clinical research which examines the effects of using dental devices on muscle strength, pain and stress relief has been conducted. All researchers have reached a common conclusion – placing a dental device between the upper and lower jaw prevents the automatic contraction of jaws resulted from the stress or the pain, allowing subjects to relax their facial muscles and get a sense of general relaxation, improving the body's isometric strength and generally easing the body's activity – whether it is sport or a medical treatment.

Research Results

Researches conducted in different countries clearly show how using dental devices affects the human body:

Prevention of the contraction of jaw muscles, opening airways

Relaxation of the head, scalp, neck and shoulder muscles

Increase of blood supply to the brain and the oxygen level in the brain's sensory cortex

Decrease of pain

Improvement of congnitive activity

Strengthening of core muscles

Other Uses of Dental Devices

Researches have also shown that using dental devices has positive effect on proper delivery process, treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among children and adults, treatment of Alzheimer disease, and the relief of migraines and other chronic pains (as Fibromyalgia).

In 2015, Medivie intends to conduct extensive research with a high clinical potential in the field of migraines, alongside the development of a unique dental device which will allow the relaxation of the head muscles and the increase of blood flow to the brain to treat migraines.