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About Us

Medivie Therapeutic ("Medivie") was founded in England in 2012. The company is the result of collaboration between Dr. Anthony Lovat, the founder of the OPRO company, and Capital International. OPRO, a British company, was founded 18 years ago and is currently one of the world's leading manufacturers of personally customized dental shields. The company operates and research and development division, which is highly active in the dental field.

Capital International is a financial services company founded in 1988, highly experienced in both real and financial investments and their marketing in the global market.

Based on scientific research, Medivie has utilized unique technology to develop dental devices. These devices are the company's intellectual property and registered as several international patents.  

Medivie specializes in the development and marketing of dental devices in the following areas:


Laboraide is a dental device in the form of a pleasant cushion that is easy to use, made from natural tasteless and odorless materials, which is placed between the woman's lower and upper jaw during birth, allowing the relaxation of the jaw, neck and head muscles through the flow of oxygen to the muscles, decreasing the risk of urgent operative intervention, easing the pain and bringing labor time below the three-hour "red line". Laboraide's advantages have been proven in a research conducted by Professor Yariv Yogev, who lead the clinical research at the Beilinson hospital.


Medivie is working on the development of a unique dental device which allows the relaxation of the head muscles, prevents the contraction of jaw muscles and increases the flow of blood to the brain for preventing and easing migraines.

Concentration and Cognitive Function

The development of a dental device designed to pressure the jaws in order to improve concentration and cognitive activity.

Development of Mouth and Gingival Structure

The company develops a modular pacifier which ensures the proper development of the mouth structure and prevents future damage to the child's gingival structure and teeth.

Medivie has an extensive distribution network in Asia, Latin America and Europe. The company has all the relevant regulatory approvals for the distribution of Laboraide in the United States, Europe and Canada, and it is negotiating the distribution Laboraide in the United States with several large retail chains.

Medivie intends to further expand its marketing and distribution activities, both online and through territorial distributors.