Welcome to Medivie

Welcome to Medivie Therapeutic, a company specializing in breakthrough technologies in the field of labor, and development of Medical Cannabis Pharma products.

About us

Medivie Therapeutic is an Israeli Public Company which developed in the past Laboraide, a birth bite that relieves pain, stress and migraines during childbirth without Medicines.
In 2017, the Company changed hands and shifted its focus to the pharma arena, specifically to the Medical Cannabis (MC) plants and products Industry, through Hi-Pharma – Medivie’s private daughter company.

Hi-Pharma was established in 2017 and is one of the largest MC companies in Israel, owning about 50 acres of agricultural land and a production plant of about 1,000 sqm. and is equipped with a highly experienced staff in the fields of cannabis, botany, agriculture, pharma, clinics, biotechnology, marketing and BD. The Hi-Pharma team brings over 30 years of experience in cannabis plants and manufacturing products of MC, in Europe and USA.
Hi-Pharma is establishing cannabis Indoor and Outdoor greenhouses in a kibbutz up-north Israel, according to the IMC-GAP regulations. Adjacently, the Company is setting-up a professional and well-equipped factory to produce a variety of unique state-of-the-art MC products, which are aimed at the pharma and clinic industries, according to the IMC-GMP regulations. Hi-Pharma is one of the few companies that holds most of the licenses of the medical cannabis industry.


Collaborations & Investors

Medivie signed several agreements with collaborators and investors, among which, Barney’s Farm, Migal and foreign investors.


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