Collaborations & Investors


November 2017 – Medivie completed its merger into a shell company traded on the TASE.


Barney’s Farm

One of the world’s most famous cannabis seeds company, signed on November 2017 an agreement worth around 1.8 M € with Medivie Israel. The two will cooperate in growing medical cannabis at a farm,  established in a kibbutz located up-north Israel. Hi-Pharma will grow and sell Medical Cannabis and its products in Israel and will export as well.
As of today, cannabis export is unauthorized by the Israeli government.

Migal Galilee Reasearch Institute

An applied science research institute focusing on agriculture and agronomy, signed on February 2018 a collaboration agreement with Medivie, focusing on R&D in the field of biologic pest control in the cannabis plants, which would be environmentally friendly.

March 2018 – Medivie signed a collaboration agreement with a foreign financial Investor, to establish a new mutual company outside of Israel, in a European country.


March 2018 – Israeli medical cannabis company announces record $110 million deal